You have a great idea and want to kickstart your own startup?

The STARTPLATZ Accelerator makes it possible!

The ecosystem that is served by STARTPLATZ brings the best condition to become successful quickly.


We have more than five years experience and knowledge about the needs to be able to grow of startups in germany. We are working on basis of methodologies coming from Silicon Valley and transfer it to the german market. Our startups are not developing as fast as the turbo startups in California, but the business models are sustainable and profitable.

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Who has been here before?

Some of our past participants can be proud, as they were able to write success stories. Here is a small selection: 

Kamil Barbarski

Since 2013 STARTPLATZ supports young startups within the accelerator. During the last 17 batches entrepreneurs were able to develop ideas into great startups.

Do you also have an interesting business idea or are you already working on its implementation? Great, this is the first step! The only thing missing now is a representative location to work, access and connection to the startup community as well as continuous mentoring and supervision by experts? Then you are just right here at STARTPLATZ Accelerator!

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Who can attend?

We are searching for ambitious entrepreneurs, who love their product and intention, which is growing fast and who want to develop a sustainable business model. What we are searching in detail:

Early-Stage Startups

Scalable Business Models

Technological Leadership

Structure of the accelerator:

For real, all of our early adopters and clients were generated through the STARTPLATZ ecosystem and the big variety of people in its network.


Cognigy makes data science teams more productive through a unified platform for data prep, machine learning, and model deployment. More information here


Curassist is an online-platform, which eases the freelancing activities of nursing staff and connects them with relatives of the person in need of care. This enables a highly qualitative and tailored nursing regarding better conditions. More information here


GOKIXX is the App for the best budding football players in Germany. Gokixx accompanies the next generation on their way to become a football professional. The app offers insider information as well as career tips. More information here


KLARHEIT is a tool for your self leadership. It helps to get more out of your life. It is a tool with which you determine and shape your development. A tool for more clearity and better results.  More information here


MAK3it supports companies and startups during the development of digital business models and corresponding products and services. It is their goal to create a noticeable added value through innovative products. More information here


Mealmates is a tech-food startup which delivers premium ready-to-eat dishes as one of the fastest deliverers of online food orders in Europe. More information here


Rausgegangen is generating the best tips to go out in Cologne, every day. From markets over concerts, parties, sport events or general events - Rausgegangen lists what is going on in Cologne and keeps you up to date with insider tips. More information here

rise technologies

Rise is like Slack and teamviewer for the old economy. By using Rise, remote maintenance is getting faster, easier and more cost-efficient. More information here


trackle is a temperature sensor which helps women to determine their fertile days. trackle measures the temperature automatically and throughout the whole night. Like this women can generate the least fertile days safely. More information here


MySchlepApp is a mobile towing service based on a large network of service providers. Users don't have to sign up for an expensive annual subscription and get their towing service after a few clicks and a transperant price provisioning.  here

Corporate partner

Das sagen unsere bisherigen Accelerator-Teilnehmer

 What past attendees say

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Become part of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator

Become part of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator

Batch 17:

12th of August 2018

October 08th & 09th 2018

Application deadline:


06th of January 2019

February 05th & 06th 2019


Tel.: +49 211 936 725 20

The location is outstanding. The atmosphere is very special, we were welcomed with open arms and directly feet as a part of the family. The mentoring program is perfect. We are getting qualified feedback from experts which are working with us hands-on on our idea, without charging us fees or equity, which is very special. In hard times it is very helpful, that STARTPLATZ is pulsating. Everyone is highly motivated, inspiring and have a maker mind-set. Everyone is supporting and helping each other, this is a great culture.

Thanks to the STARTPLATZ Accelerator we were able to work in this great co-working space for free, participate in a lot of workshops and receive intensive mentorship. All of this was helping and supporting us a lot during our development. Before we started the STARTPLATZ Accelerator our company “Call a Nerd” was just an idea, but during the accelerator the project developed to be successful. In the meantime I became a speaker and can support other startups with my gained knowledge. 

Speaking personally, STARTPLATZ is the reason why our business is existing and growing. Without the new contacts which we gained thanks to STARTPLATZ, we would not have achieved that much. Because of STARTPLATZ’ ecosystem we know a lot of experts in all relevant industries. Furthermore, I was lucky on a personal level as well, as I found a lot of friends here.

STARTPLATZ is always helping more than you see at first sight. The events, workshops and especially the central coffee machine are the best places for networking, getting good contacts and therefore also the best feedback. Especially when we were in need of quick feedback regarding a design we were just going around STARTPLATZ and quickly we had about 50 survey answers, so the decision could be made.

During the time the idea develops into a product and the products develops into a company, you are in need of stamina, patience and readiness to assume risk. An incubator and being part of an accelerator gives you the strengths to survive all this. The stamina is being increased, because you are surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can share your obstacles; The mentors not only teach you to be patient, but support you in keep on going instead of just waiting. Lastly the risk is being decreased by the whole community and ecosystem, because of the exchange of knowledge and skills, feedback and tips, making faults is being prevented.

Mladen Panov

Felix Patzelt
Call a Nerd

Pascal Evecek

Thomas Müller

Ende Bewerbungsphase

Auswahl der Teams

Beginn des Accelerator-Programms

Erstes Kickoff Meeting

15. September

25.-30. September

9. Oktober

9. Oktober

...and start the journey!

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- office hours

- executives in residence

- inhouse experts

- alumni network

Mentors & Experts

-  STARTPLATZ Community

- Corporate Partner

- Potential Investors

- Meetups & Conferences

- Demo Day participation

- Community Events

- Office space at STARTPLATZ Cologne/Düsseldorf

- Workshops

- Silicon Valley Methodologies

- Marketing & PR Support

- Amazon Web Services ($5,000 Credit)

- Post-Program Benefits



STARTPLATZ is proud to be part of GAN, a highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors.

Felix Thönnessen

Felix Thoennessen GmbH

Entrepreneur & Lean-Startup expert

Mladen Panov

Hendrik Lennarz

Growth Hacking
 Lennarz Consulting

Pitch-Guru & Entrepreneur

Vidar Andersen

Oliver Thylmann

Serial Entrepreneur

Ruth Cremer

Pitch-Guru & Entrepreneur

Nicolas Brenk

Deutsche Bank

Kamil Barbarski

Entrepreneur & Lean-Startup Experte

Prof. Dr. Richard Geibel

Professor of Entrepreneurship
HS Fresenius

Lars Olbrich

Business model & Innovations expert Excubate

Wolfgang Lang

Serial Entrepreneur

Pablo Endres

IT Security Experte

Pablo Beyen

Tech Entrepreneur
bevuta IT

Christiane von Schönberg

Sales expert

Dr. Kirsten Thiergart

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Florian Merkel


Nicolas Gabrysch

Legal consulting
Osborne Clarke

Daniel Troost

Tax consultant
TRENZ Steuerberatungsgesellschaft


Tammo Ganders

UX/Design expert

Nora Grazzini

Corporate Entrepreneurship Telekom/ UQBATE

Johannes Nünning

IoT expert

Robert Jänisch

Digital Product & Business Development

Klemens Gaida

New Digital Business & Finance Operations 1stMover

Peter Hornik

HealthCare Futurists GmbH

Tobias Gantner


Joachim Stalph

Alexander Nowroth

Logistics, Sales, Pitch Training

Lebenswerk Consulting Group

Richard Duncan

Digital Project & Product Delivery Expert

Maksym Babych

Serial Entrepreneur/Digital startup advisor SpdLoad

Peter Siedlatzek

Business Lawyer
WSS Redpoint

Hamid Hosseini

Platform economy Ecodynamics

Martha Giannakoudi

Innovative HR management

Sophia Lehmann

Logistics, Sales, Communication
SmartUp die Gründerlogistik

Santosh Satschdeva

Sales, Mobility, cooperations MySchleppApp

Andreas Mautz

IT, Web development  Entwicklungshilfe NRW

Janine Völkert-Mey

Corporate management and HR
May HR Doc

Philipp Schatz

Logistics, Trading, eCommerce Depotcity

How can you participate?

Apply with your idea through the button on this page and fill in the application form.

Upload your pitchdeck as pdf file at the end of the application form.

Selected startups will be invited to a final pitch session to our locations in Cologne or Düsseldorf.

If you persuade the STARTPLATZ Accelerator jury you will be guaranteed a place in the accelerator!

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Christoph Berger

Finanzplanung, Geschäftsentwicklung
fondos GmbH

Thomas Müller

eHealth, Social Startup

Service Partner

SpdLoad is a web development expert in: SaaS development, Web application, Mobile application, IoT development, Business process automatization

Mentors in the STARTPLATZ Accelerator

Andreas Echterhoff

UX, Design sprints, Prototyping


Florian Petri

Lean Startup, UX, Marketing

Daniel Asfaha

Backend and Database Architecture

Jasper Berkel

Web- and App Development, UX

Save the date: July 12th
Demo Day Batch 15 + 

Ben Sufiani

Growth Hacking
Pirate Skills

Tim Weiler

Finance & Investment

Hang & Over

With their natural ingredients of the Hang & Over drinking powder headaches after a great party will be history from now on. here

System Partner

Andreas Nauerz

Cloud Computing, Blockchain, AI, IoT

IBM Germany R&D

...and many more

Accelerator Team

Jana Kalbfleisch
Head of Accelerator

Jules Banning
Head of 
Events & Education

Max Bergmann
Startup Scout

Felix Duffner
Accelerator Operations

Join the team!
Accelerator Operations

Julian & Melusine

Sharing, Sustainability, Content

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Dr. Lorenz Gräf 
CEO & Program Director

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